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About Lavender

History of Lavender

Mint anyone? I bet you were not expecting Lavender to be part of the Mint family!  The history of this elegant purple plant goes back hundreds of years. You'll find it's roots (pun intended) in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian cultures, This plant really is a bit of a wash! Actually, the word lavender means ‘to wash”. Romans used Lavender to scent their baths, beds, clothes and even hair. The Romans made claims to its therapeutic and health properties, believing it to be calming and antibacterial. The colour purple has traditionally been reserved for Royalty. Lavender was also considered a Holy herb by Christians and Jews.

 Oh So "Grosso"!

Lavender X Intermedia  or more commonly stated as 'Grosso' is a cross between Lavandula & Intermedia 'Grosso. This hybrid variety crosses between English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Portuguese (Lavandula latifolia) to give Grosso the hardiness and popping color of English lavender while maintaining the strong fragrance of the Portuguese flowers.
Some general characteristics of Grosso;
*Long stems, Purple Buds 
*Cold Tolerant
*Pest Tolerant (rabbit, deer, drought resistant)
*Flowers remain fragrant for up to a year
*Flowers stay on the stem when dried more than other varieties
*24-36" tall
*Enjoys direct Sunlight
*Blooms on the West Coast in Mid-June and fades in Mid July.
*Possibly (but not evidence-based) helpful in indigestion, Heartburn, Bug *Bites/Repellant, Headaches. Possibly has relaxation and calming effects and 
 *Encourages bio-diversity of bees, wild life and butterflies

Main Types of Lavender 


There are 39 species of Lavender. It is classified by many things including its bloom period, colour, flower, height, fragrance, hardiness and place of origin. Some of the common types include; Lavandula Dentata (French Lavender), Lavender X Intermedia, Lavandula Latifolia (Portuguese Lavender), Lavandula Stoechas (Spanish Lavender), To see a comparison of all Lavender types click this link from Gardenia:  https://www.gardenia.net/compare-plants/lavandula_--_lavenders

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